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Mouse Monoclonal Antibody Development


Mouse monoclonal antibody development


Leadgene is an expert in antibody development and production.

We provide professional customized services for mouse immunization and antibody production.

We use hybridoma technology to generate monoclonal antibodies with high specificity and high affinity.

Besides, we offer comprehensive support for all antibody production processes, from immunogen design and synthesis to antibody production and purification.



  • Key service features:
    • Our experts will offer professional analysis and suggestions for antigen design.
    • Our capable project manager and scientists will support and discuss with you throughout the process.
    • Flexibility to increase the number of immunized animals.
    • The fee is flexible, dependent on each stage of the completed project.
    • We provide affinity purification to improve the purity of desired antibodies.
    • The antibody screening service can be customized according to the client’s requirements.
  • Service workflow:
    • Phase I :Antigen design and evaluation.
    • Phase II :Four BALB/c mice immunization and then titration of antibodies in sera by ELISA.
    • Phase IIIa:Hybridoma preparation and screening.
    • Phase IIIb:Hybridoma stabilization and expansion.
    • Phase IVa:Ascites induction and monoclonal antibody production.
    • Phase IVb:Antibody purified by protein A/G or antigen-affinity column.


Mouse monoclonal antibody development


  • Sample requirements:
    • The sequence and information of the target peptide or protein antigen are required. (Phase I)
    • We will offer clients sera of antigen-immunized mice to determine the mice candidates for hybridoma preparation. (Phase II)
    • Client can select 1-3 candidates for the following clones stabilization and expansion. (Phase III)
  • Deliverables:
    • 2 vials of cryogenic tubes/hybridoma clones.
    • 5 mL supernatant collected from hybridoma culture media/ hybridoma clones.
    • QC report of antibody binding ability analyzed by indirect ELISA .
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