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 Anti-idiotype antibody productionAnti-idiotype antibody (anti-ID Abs) can recognize the idiotopes which present within complement determining regions (CDRs) of one other antibody.

Anti-ID Abs are commonly used in antibody drug pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) for preclinical test of antibody drug development.

Leadgene BioMed provides professional services of anti-ID Abs development to support your antibody drug research.



  • Key service features:
    • Fragmented antibody as immunogen
    • Monoclonal or polyclonal Ab for choice• Select appropriate services for you by professional evaluation and discussion
  • Service workflow:
    • Professional pre-evaluation and discussion.
    • The pre-treatment of antibody which is regarded as an immunogen.
    • Immunization according to the choice of monoclonal or polyclonal Ab service.
    • Antibody verification.
    • Delivery of anti-ID Abs and ELISA testing report.
  • Sample requirements:
    • The antibody which is regarded as an immunogen.
    • Information about the antibody which is regarded as an immunogen.
  • Deliverables:
    • Purified Anti-ID Ab
    • ELISA
    • ELISA testing report service



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