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Antibody Pairing Service


 Antibody pairing


Matched antibody pair refers to sets of antibodies which can recognize the same antigen, but with different epitopes or binding regions. They are commonly used for capture and detection in sandwich ELISA or related immunoassay. Matched pair can be monoclonal, polyclonal or a combination of broth. Leadgene offers antibody pairing service to help you find out the most suitable matched pair for ELISA assay development.

We can provide one stop service including antigen preparation, custom antibody development to antibody pairing service to support your biological research.


  • Key service features:
    • Leadgene provides well-established platform for ELISA assay establishment and the development of ELISA kit products.
  • Service workflow:
    • HRP conjugation for sandwich ELISA assay.
    • Antibody pairing test for sandwich ELISA assay.
    • Assay development and optimization.
    • ELISA kit pilot development (optional)
  • Sample requirements:
    • Antigen and antibody
  • Deliverables:
    • Analysis report of pairing test.




Antibody Conjugation Service


 Antibody conjugation service


Horseradish peroxidase (HRP) or biotin-labeled antibodies are essential for immune-based assays including Western blot, ELISA, immunofluorescence or flow cytometry.

Leadgene has a well-established platform to offer antibody labeling service including biotin and HRP.


  • Key service features:
    • High efficiency antibody labeling service
    • Labeling efficiency determination
  • Service workflow:
    • Requirement discuss and confirm
    • Antibody labeling
    • ELISA assay (antigen required)
  • Sample requirements:
    • Purified antibody (≧ 5 mg)
    • Antigen (for ELISA assay)
    • The antibody solution should be free of any amine containing compounds, such as BSA and sodium azide.
  • Deliverables:
    • Biotin or HRP-labeled antibody
    • ELISA test report



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