Who We Are

Leadgene Biomedical, Inc. develops and manufactures proteins, antibodies, and assay tools as well as offering contracted research services to the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries.







The company was led by a group of young scientists. We provide premium quality reagents through creative and scientific approaches, with production standards outlined in quality management systems ISO 13485, and GMP/QMS guidance. To date, we have built our recognized expertise in technology innovation and will continue to expand these efforts throughout our entire product portfolio.




Why choose Leadgene?

Demands from commerce partners always inspire us to improve and innovate. Besides catalog marketing recombinant protein reagents and toolkits, we earn commerce partners’ trust by accomplishing specialized R&D commissions in generating and engineering monoclonal antibodies and cytokines for in vitro diagnostics and clinical studies. Also, we satisfy our customers’ requirements and provide high-quality and valuable customized services, including Biacore analysis, protein identification (tandem mass spectrometry), protein expression and purification.

  • Leadgene Biomedical, Inc. – Your Trusted Partner in IVD Development
    Leadgene Biomedical, Inc. – Your Trusted Partner in IVD Development
  • Leadgene Protease
    Leadgene Biomedical- Excellence in Recombinant Proteins, Antibodies, and Molecular Biology Solutions
  • LEADGENE GMP-Grade Proteins
    LEADGENE® GMP-Grade Proteins