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Peptide Synthesis and Modification Service




Peptide synthesis is a helpful tool for biomedical research including epitope-specific antibody preparation, drug development, and other immunoassays.
Leadgene Biomedical provides a flexible option for clients to achieve their experimental requirements.
Our customized service offers personal technical consultation to ensure the synthetic peptide is ideal for your needs.


Peptide synthesis and modification service


  • Key service features:
    • Our experts will discuss with you and confirm your requirements.
    • From crude to 98%, we provide different purity of products for clients’ options.
    • From mg to g, we offer a flexible amount of the peptide product.
    • We have a well-established platform to synthesize the peptide in a short period. (usually 2-4 weeks).
    • We offer kinds of modification choices for your synthetic peptide.
    • We have the expertise to help you acquire the peptide with 100% sequence accuracy.
    • We will offer the MS and HPLC report for clients to understand the quality of synthetic peptide.
  • Service workflow:
    • Case discussion (including sequence, purity, amount, and modification).
    • Peptide synthesis
    • MS and HLPC analysis
  • Sample requirements:
    • Clients should provide the information of your target peptide (including sequence, purity, yield, and modification.)
  • Deliverables:
    • Synthetic peptide (powder)
    • MS and HPLC report of your target peptide
  • Citation:

    Hsiao YW, et al., Disruption of the pentraxin 3/CD44 interaction as an efficient therapy for triple-negative breast cancers. Clin Transl Med. 2022.



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