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Hybridoma sequencing


  • The importance of hybridoma sequencing:
    Hybridoma sequencing provides valuable information for optimizing the function of the monoclonal antibody, development of therapeutic antibodies, or patent application.
  • Our service features:
    1. Leadgene Biomedical is dedicated to antibody development and has established a high-accuracy sequencing platform to provide extraordinary sequencing service.
    2. We promise that all information will be kept confidential within Leadgene Biomedical.
    3. Our professional team will discuss the application of antibodies with you.
    4. Furthermore, we provide a customized service for recombinant antibody production according to clients’ requirements.
  • Service workflow:
    • Clients provide the target hybridoma cell line.
    • RNA extraction from hybridoma cells
    • Reverse transcription PCR
    • Specific PCR primers design
    • Vector construction
    • Sequence analysis
  • Sample requirements:
    • The number of hybridoma cells: > 5 x 106 per tube (Please ensure that the cells are healthy.)
    • Clients are encouraged to provide the information of hybridoma cells as detailed as possible they can, including cell species, cell source, fusion partner, antibody isotype, culture condition, and duration of cryopreservation.
  • Deliverables:
    • We will deliver the final report on the sequences of the heavy and light chains in the variable region, including the CDS sequence.



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