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Leadgene has a well-established platform for gene synthesis to help you prepare the gene constructs for the following applications.
Our professional seamless cloning technology is a reliable and cost-effective method for obtaining your interested gene with 100% sequence accuracy.
Besides, we also provide sequence optimization to ensure the protein expression efficacy of your gene for free.


 Gene synthesis and plasmid construction service


  • Key service features:
    • Our experts will discuss with you and confirm your requirements.
    • We offer sequence optimization for free to help you achieve your gene synthesis needs.
    • We have the expertise to help you acquire the gene construct with 100% sequence accuracy.
    • We offer series of vectors for subcloning, depending on your experimental requirements.
  • Service workflow:
    • Sequence optimization
    • Gene synthesis
    • Subcloning
    • Plasmid extraction and final report delivery
  • Sample requirements:
    • Clients should provide the information and experimental details of your target gene.
    • Clients should offer the information of the vector for subcloning.
  • Deliverables:
    • 5 μg plasmid
    • Report of synthesized plasmid
    • Sequencing report




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