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Leadgene offers you a new platform, FOPPR™ INB-D200, for affinity analysis between antibodies and antigens.

It is with more favorable prices and shorter time of analysis.

FOPPR™ affinity analysis service

The unique & patented FOPPR™​​​​​​​ Technology is combining optical waveguides with noble metal nanoparticles for the sensitive and reliable detection of molecules. In FOPPR™, gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) are in close proximity to an unclad optical fiber. As light propagates within the optical fiber, total internal reflection (TIR) results in an evanescent field that induces the AuNPs to undergo particle plasmon resonance (PPR).
When target-analytes interact to AuNPs - conjugated ligands, it will lead to a change of refractive index near the sensing surface. The extreme sensitivity of this optical property to
changes in the surrounding environment makes FOPPR™ an ideal technology for monitoring real-time interactions between a wide range of molecular species, including but not limited to organic drugs, oligonucleotides, proteins, and viruses.



What we can do

  • The new platform - FOPPR™ INB-D200
  • More favorable price and shorter time of analysis
  • More flexible restrictions for samples
  • Full and detail discussion

  Service workflow:

  • • Pre-discussion and quotation
    • Case confirmation
    • Case opening
    • Sample providing
    • Affinity analysis
    • Final report delivery
    • Result discussion
    • Case completion
  • For detailed sample requirements, please contact us directly.
    • Purity ≥ 80%
    • Concentration ≥ 0.64 mg/mL
    • Volume ≥ 100 µL
  • Deliverables:
    • A final report (with sample information and affinity results including ka, kd and KD).



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