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Protein 2D Electrophoresis Analysis Service



Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis (2D-gel) is a powerful technique that combine isoelectric focusing and SDS-PAGE to separate mixtures of proteins via their isoelectric point (pl) and molecular weight, respectively.

Leadgene offers a dedicated two-dimensional gel electrophoresis service to help you separate and analyze proteins from mixtures, which enables researchers to identify low-abundance proteins in samples. Besides, our capable project manager will support and discuss with you personally throughout the process.


  • Key service features:
    • Compared to molecular weight-based protein separation method, 2D-gel technology has higher resolution in analyzing samples.
    • Leadgene offers the experienced scientist that help you successfully obtain the information of your needs.
    • We provide comprehensive data, which support you to analyze the mixtures of proteins.
  • Service workflow:
    • Discuss the experimental details with client and understand the requirements.
    • Case confirmation and obtain the sample from client.
    • Protein quantitation
    • Proteins are first separated by their isoelectric point (pl) in isoelectric focusing.
    • Next, the proteins will be further resolved by SDS-PAGE that based on molecular weight.
    • Final report delivery
  • Sample requirements:
    • Protein extraction
       Volume: ≤ 150 µL
       Concentration: ≥1 µg / µL (Silver stain), ≥2 µg / µL (Coomassie blue stain)
       To prevent the interference, salt and ionic detergent (eg. SDS) should not be in the presence of protein extraction buffer.
  • ♦ Deliverables: Final report


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