• Protein Conjugation Kits

    Leadgene provides two selection of Conjugation kits for customers, which were special for conjugate tag to antibody or protein. In addition, Conjugation kits has been promoted the development of experiment, such as Flow, Western blot, ELISA, IHC and other research.

  • Tracing Back the Mysterious Ancestry of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant

    Two theoretical models speculating the advent of Omicron recapped the need for systematic approaches to pursue better antiviral medication to prevent or treat persistent infections in people with impaired immune systems and to monitor communications of pathogenic microbes in some wildlife that share their surroundings with us.

  • The First FDA Approval TCR Drug for Eye Cancer

    The Food and Drug Administration approved the first drug used as treatment for uveal melanoma (UM), an aggressive skin cancer that occurs in the eye tissue.

  • IVT- A Key to Game-Changing Innovations

    In vitro transcription helps scientists to develop diagnostic methods and study molecular biology. The applications of IVT are versatile, including synthesis of mRNAs for protein expression, the development of RNA vaccines, the generation of aptamers, gene editing, RNAi, and synthesis of viral RNA for infection experiments.

  • The Revolutionary Era in Vaccinology – mRNA Vaccine

    mRNA vaccine consists of lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) wrapped with messenger RNA (mRNA) encoded viral antigens. When we inoculate the mRNA vaccine, the mRNA will translate into viral proteins, and these viral antigens will further induce the immune response in our bodies.

  • Incoming War! How Do SARS-CoV-2 Viruses Arm and Attack Human Bodies?

    Recent studies showed that ORF8 may bind to MHC-Ι molecules and mediate their down-regulation. In ORF8-expressing cells, MHC-Ι molecules are selectively targeted and enriched in lysosomes for degradation.

  • GMP-Grade Protein Development

    Leadgene's GMP-grade proteins are manufactured in our ISO13485 certified plant. The high-quality GMP-grade proteins support the fast-growing cell therapy manufacturing market.

  • IVD Raw Material Development

    Leadgene develops various monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins to meet the demands for clinical diagnosis.

  • One-Stop Services

    Here we present our excellent customized services, including pharmacokinetic measurement (Biacore T200), antibody development, and antibody engineering. And we provide one-stop services from experimental design, customized service to data interpretation.

  • What Is A Secondary Antibody?

    The experimental usage of secondary antibodies is to bind primary antibodies. With enzymatic, cross-linking or light-emitting labels on them, the binding effect of primary antibodies can be amplified and converted into many sorts of signals, then being processed by instruments for various purposes.