Human HRV 3C protease is often used to cut off the purification tag that is attached to proteins of interest. The protease itself is removed thereafter to prevent interference with downstream processes. This is accomplished with a critical checkpoint which calculates the removal efficiency by way of measuring the residual HRV 3C protease level in the cleavage samples.


Leadgene® HRV 3C Protease ELISA kit is designed for quantitatively detecting HRV 3C protease.

It is a ready-to-use assay tool that comes with superior sensitivity and specificity.


HRV 3C proteinase ELISA


The limit of detection (LoD) is 0.057 ng/mL.
The limit of quantification (LoQ) is 0.19 ng/mL.



HRV 3C proteinase


Furthermore, Leadgene provides both UniHRV 3C protease and multiple monoclonal antibodies, with the former providing great cleavage efficiency and the latter being used for various applications.



HRV 3C protease related products:

HRV 3C Protease ELISA Kit
UniHRV 3C Protease / 1,000 U
HRV 3C Protease / 1,000 U
Mouse Anti-HRV 3C Protease mAb, Clone 3-1 / 100 μg
Mouse Anti-HRV 3C Protease mAb, Clone 5-8 / 100 μg
Mouse Anti-HRV 3C Protease mAb, Clone 12-4 / 100 μg
Mouse Anti-HRV 3C Protease mAb, Clone 23-1 / 100 μg


Other protease products:

SUMO Protease (ULP1) / 2,500 U

SUMO Protease (ULP1) ELISA Kit