Leadgene can help! Leadgene donates rapid tests and fuels the development in COVID-19


While the Omicron infections surge throughout the world, dozens of confirmed cases also appear in Taiwan, and the demand for diagnostic increases. Leadgene Biomedical has sped up the development of Omicron-related proteins and antibodies. Furthermore, to help deal with the pandemic, Leadgene donates 1,500 rapid tests to the Tainan City Government.

Leadgene Biomedical has been dedicated to developing recombinant proteins and antibodies for years. In recent years, Leadgene has been devoted to manufacturing IVD raw materials and has become an important supplier of rapid test raw materials to several listed companies.

Leadgene Biomedical envisions itself to continue contributing to the community and accelerates the development of COVID-19 series products. The company has started to launch SARS-CoV-2 N proteins (Omicron strain), trimeric spike proteins, VLPs (virus-like particles), and other COVID-19 related products. Leadgene Biomedical is ready to help!