What is the Indoxyl Sulfate ELISA Kit? 

Indoxyl sulfate ELISA kit

It is an assay tool for diagnostics of chronic kidney disease.

It quantitatively detects the level of indoxyl sulfate, a well-known uremic toxin.

 Chronic kidney disease

Who needs to be tested with the Indoxyl Sulfate ELISA Kit?

Healthy People – Annual physical examinations to inspect kidney function

Patients with kidney disease – Regular tests to evaluate the prognosis of kidney disease

Hemodialysis patients – Routine medical examinations to monitor the accumulated level of indoxyl sulfate for developing a treatment strategy


Why do you need to test with the Indoxyl Sulfate ELISA Kit?

Indoxyl sulfate accumulates in the bloodstream of patients with kidney disease and is clinically shown to be associated with renal disease progression. The traditional method to detect indoxyl sulfate is costly and requires experienced technicians. With its characteristics being of extra sensitivity and specificity, the Leadgene® Indoxyl Sulfate ELISA Kit provides an even more accelerated and economical solution than ever before.

 indoxyl sulfate ELISA kit


How is testing done with the Indoxyl Sulfate ELISA Kit?

It can be done as a check item as part of a regular blood test.

The assay is conducted on serum samples.


LEADGENE® Indoxyl Sulfate ELISA Kit delivers quality data comparable to traditional LC-MS systems.

Pearson correlation analysis of data between LEADGENE® Indoxyl Sulfate ELISA Kit and LC-MS system indicates a significant positive relationship.

Indoxyl sulfate ELISA correlation


LEADGENE® Indoxyl Sulfate ELISA Kit – National Awards

Indoxyl sulfate IS ELISA awards

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