LEADGENE® Bovine Serum Albumin

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    100 g
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    Lyophilized powder (Fraction V)
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    It is suitable as a stabilizing agent for proteins and enzymes, antibodies diluent, and blocking agent to reduce non-specific binding for WB, IHC, and FACS.

Leadgene's Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) is suitable as an enzyme stabilizer during purification and dilution of restriction endonucleases and nucleic acid modifying enzymes. BSA is also utilized by assay developers and researchers as diluents in the design of serological assays and reagents, blocking agents during ELISA to minimize background and cell culture applications. Our BSA is a highly purified lyophilized powder with low endotoxin, low protease, free of non-esterified
fatty acids, low interference, and possesses lot-to-lot consistency.

Store at 4°C.

Inhibitory effect of host ocular microenvironmental factors on chlorhexidine digluconate activity

Authors : Chen CH, Wang YJ, Huang JM, Huang FC, Lin WC. 

Journal : Antimicrob Agents Chemother

Year : 2021

PMID: 33685899

Application : Cell treatment

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LEADGENE® Bovine Serum Albumin

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