Core Technology


Leadgene's technical advantages lie in our protein antigen production methods, immunization of antibodies and other downstream applications.

Fusing splenocytes with myeloma cells to produce monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) is a typical episode in many biotech institutes. Although the immune system theoretically responds to any antigenic challenge, fusion outcome sometimes is tricky and unstable. Our researchers have continuously perfect five procedural sections (which are depicted as the diagram blew) in generating hybridoma to maintain a competitive edge. Separated sections not only constitute a worklist, but also a blueprint with checkpoints to be watched before stepping forward. Through taking this attitude across every project, we succeeded in obtaining satisfactory mAb clones in cases which other competitors failed to do so.

Our One-Stop Solution provides a comprehensive resolution to satisfy all our customers' research needs. For many years, we have been specializing in protein and antibody productions and offering post-production application services to our customers.

Multifaceted specialties for immunoassay and mAb development

Epitope mapping and discovery
Project-tailored assay and device suited for antibody screening and addressing binding location.
Recombinant protein production
Reliable and reproducible performance in bacterial and mammalian expression systems.
Immunization and titer booster
Adaptive immunizing and boosting strategies to deal with all sorts of antigen targets.
Fusion subject & partner cells
Improved hybridoma cell cloning efficiencies by using a proprietary myeloma cell line.
Antibody sequence analysis
Selecting mAb facilitates a smoother and swifter laboratory-industry transition.