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In the field of advanced science and technology, TOSC Japan has developed many biological laboratory instruments and reagent sets that have been commercialized for half a century, including cell cryopreservation medium (LaboBanker). Cryopreservation is necessary for cell cultures to prevent cell transformation, which usually occurs after continuous subcultures, and to maintain own characteristics of cells. However, as the frequencies of freeze-thaw was increased from cells, we often find that the viability of recovered cells grow worse. In order to solve this problem, TOSC Japan has optimized the ingredients of cell cryopreservation medium and has successfully developed a new type of cell cryopreservation medium, LaboBankers, which can directly store cells in -80°C enviroments.

In general, the preservation capacity of serum-free cell cryopreservation medium is lower than that of serum-containing medium. However, the preservation capacity of our "LaboBanker 2 (serum-free)" is almost equivalent to LaboBanker 1 (serum-containing). These two types of cryopreservation medium can fulfill your needs.