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TNF Superfamily Proteins (Hexa-Ligands)

♦ What are TNF Superfamily Proteins (Hexa-Ligands)?
AB Biosciences’ hexameric TNF superfamily proteins exhibit enhanced avidities for receptor-binding. Together with the classical soluble trimeric ligands, collectively we brand the recombinant TNF superfamily proteins engineered and produced in AB Biosciences HEXA-LIGANDs for their excellent receptor-binding activities.

♦ Advantages of TNF Superfamily Proteins (Hexa-Ligands)
· Amazing receptor-binding activities
· All proteins are affinity purified from the cultured media, size fractionated by SEC column chromatography
· High quanlity and high purity
· Low endotoxin contents (≤ 1.0 EU/mg protein)
· Flexible Fc region formats

♦ Advantages of Fc fusion proteins
· Easy to purify: Proteins with Fc tag can be purified conveniently by protein A/G purification system
· High immunogenicity: Fc fusion proteins are able to induce stronger antibody dependent immune responses compare to those without Fc tag 
· Friendly for drug development: Fc fusion proteins can be used in evaluating protein-protein binding affinity based on its Fc tag
· High stability with long half-life

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