In the field of advanced science and technology, TOSC Japan has developed many biological laboratory instruments and reagent sets and commercialized them for half a century, including cell cryopreservation medium (LaboBanker). Cryopreservation is necessary for cells to prevent the transformation that occurs after continuous subculture and maintain the original characteristics of the cells. However, as researchers use more types of cells, we often find that the viability of the recovered cells after freezing and ability to grow getting worse. In order to solve these problems, TOSC Japan optimized the ingredients in the cell cryopreservation medium and successfully developed a new type of cell cryopreservation medium LaboBankers, which can directly store cells in an ultra-low temperature freezer.

In general, the storage capacity of the serum-free cell cryopreservation medium is lower than that of the serotype. However, the storage capacity of the new cell cryopreservation medium "LaboBanker 2-Serum-Free" developed by TOSC Japan is almost equivalent to the serotype LaboBanker 1. Researchers can choose LaboBanker 1 or LaboBanker 2 by themselves.