Monkeypox Virus Reagents

Monkeypox virus (MPXV) has caused monkeypox in humans with over ten thousand confirmed cases of infections worldwide as of July 15, 2022.  MPXV has a ~197 kb double-strand DNA genome that contains more than two hundred coding sequences (Figure 1), among which A29L and L1R are of the most interest due to their potential as drug targets. Under Leadgene’s ISO-certificated management system, we produce recombinant A29L protein and L1R protein for Monkeypox research as well as other clinical-related product development (Figure 2). These products feature extra low endotoxin, have high purity, and are in lyophilized format for ease in shipping and storage. In addition, monoclonal A29L antibody and M1R antibody (VHH) are available. More targets are currently in production and will be released soon. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project for Monkeypox product development by emailing us at


Featured CDS Annotations of Monkeypox Genome

Figure 1. Featured CDS Annotations of Monkeypox Genome. Coding regions for proteins of research focuses of Monkeypox genome is illustrated.

monkeypox A29L / L1R protein

Figure 2. Leadgene’s Monkeypox proteins. SDS-page analysis of A29L recombinant protein (A) and L1R recombinant protein (B) shows the proteins’ purity and molecular weight.